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Circle J Ranch History


The Love of Jesus, The "J" radiates to the "Circle" which represents the fellowship found at Circle J.

-Rev. Ray Goff  circa 1956


 It  was prayerfully intended when this land  was consecrated to GOD that  the Circle "J" in the name will inspire those who walk here to always  keep JESUS CHRIST in the center of their every thought, word, and deed. 


 The first Chapel of Ten Sleep, on the grounds of Circle J was restored to its original design in 2015. 


 Thousands of volunteer hours have help build Circle J. The ranch has many features meeting all the campers needs. 


 Like the founders of Circle J - carry your cross and plant the memories of your experience, in Ten Sleep Canyon. 

Historic Church & Apple Orchard

 Circle  J's OGG Apple Orchard was planted way back when the ranch was a working  ranch. Why the orchard was planted has been lost with time but the  trees were planted over a 100 years ago. These old trees can not be  reproduced and even with the help of Master Gardner Specialist from UWY,  the 3-5 types of apples in the Orchard are still a mystery in this  orchard.

Circle J Ranch Orchard is considered a Historical site  with people traveling long distances so they can take home cases of   mouth watering apples.